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The Billionaire’s Black Billionaire Boss

Victoria Pierce is the billionaire owner and CEO of an international multimedia empire. At the age of forty, she has sacrificed relationships and having a family to pour herself into growing her company. She is known as a no-nonsense, tough as nails boss, who demands nothing less than the very best from her employees and accepts nothing less than perfection from herself. So, when her former mentor asks her to take his son on as her assistant in order to prepare him for his future role at the helm of his family’s billion-dollar advertising and marketing company, Victoria is less than thrilled. Adler St. James III represents everything she has been battling since she started her company—rich, entitled, mediocre men. But how can she say no to her mentor, who was the person who helped give her her own start in the beginning? The answer is she can’t. So, she takes on Adler, with the full intention that she’s going to work the silver spoon, billionaire heir harder than he’s ever been worked in his entire life. There’s just one problem—Adler is not what she expected, and he has his own ideas about working her over in return.

Adler St. James III may have been born into privilege, but contrary to what Victoria believes, he hasn’t always had it easy. Adler has had to fight hard for the life he has built for himself, and at the age of thirty, Adler hasn’t been anyone’s employee since his early twenties. So, when his father issues him an ultimatum demanding he give up his own small business and his independence to go work for Victoria Pierce as her lowly assistant, to say he’s less than thrilled is an understatement. But he’s nothing if not a shrewd businessman, who can see the big picture.

However, Adler quickly learns that Victoria thinks he’s nothing more than a spoiled, weak-willed kid—one who she’s determined to break. Except she’s all wrong about him, and she soon discovers, not only is Adler one of the hardest working men she’s ever met, he’s also the most determined, and once he sets his mind to something, he’s unrelenting. And in this case, he’s firmly set his mind upon having her.

Discover what happens when Victoria finds herself trapped alone with Adler, and he decides it’s time she learned a hard, rough, punishing lesson about what happens when someone underestimates him.

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Sold to the Ruthless Prince

Lady Alora Casteryon

Lady Alora is a distant relative of the royal family, and while she is considered a spinster past marriageable age, she is the only woman from the royal line still in her childbearing years. She thought she had long ago escaped court politics and conspiracies, only to find herself literally sold to a rival kingdom to cement an alliance and prevent an all-out war. Alora knows she is nothing more than a pawn, a token, a puppet—her only value is to bear the thuggish brute of a prince an heir and solidify the union between their two nations. The only problem is her family has grossly misjudged Alora, and all that she is willing to do to see to it that she doesn’t end up as a brood mare to some common, low born prince.

Prince Alric Zaland

Born a commoner, he is now the prince regent of Xalanderia after his clan topples the corrupt, ruling monarchy and seizes the throne with brute strength, sharp battle tactics, and sheer cunning and will. He knows the highborn, Lady Alora is too good for the likes of him, but he can’t deny the fierce, stubborn beauty fires his blood every time she’s near.

Their Ill-Suited Union

Alora doesn’t care what her family and the prince want, she’s had enough of her life being dictated by others and is furious that they believe she can actually be bought and sold like some object. Alric may have purchased a bride, but he’s going to soon discover that what he actually got is an unwilling wife.

Alric has no intention of spending the rest of his years shackled to the shrew of a woman he has just bought and wed. For a highborn, well-learned woman, Alora has let some things escape her memory regarding men from the Zaland clan, and the prince, especially. Alric isn’t called the ruthless prince for nothing. Whether Alora likes it or not, she is now his, and she’s about to learn a very hard lesson on what it truly means to be owned.